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The health and safety of our residents and staff is our highest priority.

In case of a COVID-19 outbreak, our experienced staff are well trained to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 within the village. Ocean Garden’s comprehensive COVID-19 Response Policy covers procedures should there be an outbreak of COVID 19 or any other infectious disease within the village.

Our staff are well trained in infection control practices, including the wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment). We also have access to a team of specialists who would support us in the management of an outbreak.

Thank you to all the residents, staff and visitors for following strict instructions to keep us all safe.


Ocean Gardens Residents

What can I do to protect myself at home?

Please be prepared in case of a COVID-19 outbreak with the essentials – food, toiletries, masks, hand sanitiser and Rapid Antigen Testing kits (which are free for concession card holders at most local pharmacies).

We do encourage all residents to have the COVID-19 vaccination, in consultation with your GP.

It is not mandated to wear a mask in all communal/shared spaces of the village centre, including the apartment atriums, but it is encouraged if social distancing is not possible.

To be updated on COVID-19 news/information please visit our website, Channel 123, social media, newsletter and the notice boards around the village.

What should I do if my COVID-19 test result is positive?

  1. Stay home inside your villa/apartment.
  2. Call Wellbeing Department on 0418 800 438 immediately.
  3. For after office hours, follow the prompts for Care 1.
  4. The Care Team will assist you from here.

We are required to report any positive COVID-19 test result to the Department of Health and will be keeping a “line list” for all residents at Ocean Gardens Village. This also allows us to track any possible spread of COVID-19 within the village and respond accordingly.

COVID-19 test results, like all personal information, will only be used for the purposes of managing any potential outbreak. This information will not be disclosed unless required by law.

Ocean Gardens Visitors

Can my friends and family still visit me?

Yes, visitors can continue to come to the village as normal, but we do encourage visitors to have the influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations before entering the premises.

Do my family and friends need to be vaccinated when they come to visit me?

We strongly encourage your family and friends to be vaccinated, if they are staying or visiting you at the village.

Ocean Gardens Care Services

Can my care worker or carer still visit me?

Yes, your care worker or carer can visit you.

In the event you test positive to COVID-19, please notify any carer or service provider about your COVID-19 status.

If you are an Ocean Gardens home care client, essential care services (Home Care Package and Fee for Service clients only) will continue to be delivered even if you have tested positive to COVID-19, however services will be modified to minimise the number of times staff are required to visit and they will be wearing full personal protective equipment. You will also have to wear a mask while services are being provided.

How will my emergency calls be handled in the event there is a COVID-19 positive case in the village?

Before entering your unit in response to an emergency call bell, staff will phone you to attempt to verify the type of emergency you are experiencing. If you are unable to answer the phone call, or there is no one present with you in your unit (spouse, visitor, etc.), staff will attend with full PPE on. This process will reduce any exposure to staff.

If the emergency is respiratory related, an ambulance will be called and advised of the situation including respiratory issues.

Wellness Program

What would happen to Wellness activities if there was a COVID-19 positive case in the village?

Any resident returning a positive result should not attend group activities while infectious. Our Wellness Team can support a return to activity program post-illness if requested.

What would happen to individual coaching sessions provided by the Wellness Team in the event of a COVID-19 positive case in the village?

Residents currently receiving individualised exercise services will be provided with a home exercise program or can opt for a Telehealth consult.

Ocean Gardens Events and Activities

What would happen to the events and activities if there are COVID-19 positive cases in the village?

Any events and activities that are happening within the village centre would be assessed for risk and residents would be advised if cancellations would need to occur.

Ocean Gardens Village, Facilities and Staff

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to use the village centre facilities?

Proof of vaccination is not required to be shown to enter the village centre. We encourage everyone to be mindful of their fellow residents and would ask that only vaccinated residents use facilities such as the restaurant and gym. We encourage everyone to be mindful of their fellow residents and to wear a mask if social distancing is not possible.

What would happen to the village centre facilities if there were COVID-19 cases in the village?

The village centre and facilities will remain open, and any COVID-19 cases would be reviewed and a risk assessment by the Ocean Gardens COVID-19 Outbreak Management Team with face masks encouraged to be worn indoors to increase your protection.

What if a staff member tests positive?

Staff that have tested positive and their close contacts to COVID-19 will immediately be quarantined according to the current Government regulations. Any resident affected will be immediately informed.

When will administration/management staff stay home?

Some staff may continue to work from home but there will always be staff on site.