May Poem: The Germ From Old Wuhan

Poets and writers around the world are drawing on current events to inspire their work. Thank you Dave Tierney, from our own local community, for submitting some one of his recent pieces to share.

Take inspiration from his work and try your own hand at a poem or two!

The Germ from Old Wuhan (with apologies to Banjo Paterson) – Dave Tierney

There was panic in the nation for the word had passed around
That the Germ from old Wuhan had got away,
And had joined the usual suspects like the flu and common cold
To terrify the population, especially the frail and old.
So all the Quacks then gathered to the fray,
Enticed by fame and fortune that they hoped would flow
From their successful capture of the Germ,
To halt its infectious journey before it spreads to more.
So they brought their antiseptics and face masks by the score.
And introduced social-distancing and self-isolation
To stop us going out the door.
However, all their work was to no avail,
Cos the people had put their faith in toilet paper by the bale,
While the wise among us bought Quilton shares,
And wallowed in our new found wealth.
But alas we could not spend it, for the pubs and clubs were closed.
And now we’ve got a booze ban, three bottles is the max,
That we can buy on any day
So we will have to go to bed cold sober
And rue that Asian holiday. 

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