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8 Easy ways you can stay active in retirement (and why it’s so important) - ocean gardens - perth retirement living

8 Easy ways you can stay active in retirement (and why it’s so important)

Get into the best shape of your adult...
Sticky Mango Pork Recipe Ocean Gardens Perth

September: Sticky mango pork and roast vege tray bake

Recipe and image originally via: Taste It’s time to...
Chicken curry recipe easy to make for over 55s

August: Easy chicken curry recipe

If you think you've tried chicken curry countless...
how to stay socially connected in retirement - ocean gardens Perth

7 Easy ways to stay connected in retirement

As world events happen around us, technology changes...
Red lentil sweet potato coconut soup recipe Perth

July: Red lentil, sweet potato and coconut soup

Perfect for the cold Perth winter, this super...
5 Activities To Help Keep Your Mind Sharp After Retirement - how to stay sharp as you age - ocean gardens

5 Activities to help keep your mind sharp after retirement

“Do crosswords.” “Spend time on puzzles.” “Read books.”...
apple tea cake recipe - easy baking - baking for beginners

June: Apple cinnamon tea cake

Toasty warm apple and cinnamon spices, this tea...
mindfulness | ocean gardens | mindfulness for retirees

Wellness update: Mindful May

How to Practice Mindfulness Our focus for this...
how to make the most out of your retirement | ocean gardens

How to make the most out of your life during retirement

You’ve pushed through mortgages, raised loving families, enjoyed...
may poem | ocean gardens | dave tierney poem

May poem: The germ from old Wuhan

Poets and writers around the world are drawing...
May Recipe: Chicken and Leek Pie | Ocean Gardens

May: Chicken and leek pie

Recipe and image originally via: Womens Weekly Hearty, warm...
how to stay hydrated | dehydration in seniors | ocean gardens

How to stay hydrated

The Residents’ Association is always considering the health...
Pumpkin, leek and feta mini frittata | easy recipes | ocean gardens

April: Pumpkin, leek and feta mini frittata

Recipe and image originally via: Live Lighter Here’s an...
Coconut biscuits | Ocean Gardens | Easy Recipes

March: Coconut biscuits

Recipe submitted by Una Abbott from the CWA...
Creamy lemon chicken breast recipe | ocean gardens

February: Creamy lemon chicken breast

Recipe and image originally via: recipetineats Tangy, tasty and...
Prawn, Mango, Avocado Summer Salad with Lime Dressing | Easy Recipes | Ocean Gardens

January: Prawn, mango, avocado summer salad with lime dressing

Image and recipe via: recipetineats Refreshing. Delicious. Simple.Enjoy the...