Are we right for each other?

At Ocean Gardens, we
know where you're coming from.

For a start, we know half of our residents come from the western suburbs, metro suburbs and beyond - even interstate or overseas. More than that, we understand where you’ve come from emotionally and how you want to experience your next life stage (hint, it isn’t wasting away in a ‘home’).

We’ve found there are four main types of people that choose to live at Ocean Gardens. If any of these strike a chord, we’d love to meet you and your family to see if we click.

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The<br>Beach Lover

Beach Lover

You’ve had a successful, fulfilling career, maybe as a judge, CEO, doctor, nursing director, optometrist or pharmacist. Now you have savings to spend on the way you want to live. Beach Lovers love taking charge and making strong life decisions that set them up for a comfortable lifestyle. You’re sophisticated, have a taste for quality, and actively embrace 21st Century living such as new technologies. And because Beach Lovers are used to living in cosmopolitan western suburbs, Ocean Gardens is a logical move.

The Western Wanderer

The Western Wanderer

You’ve worked hard – now it’s playtime. Flaunting a free, independent spirit, Western Wanderers throw caution to the wind, seeking out pleasure wherever they can find it. You’ve well and truly caught the travel bug, helpless to the lure of easy, ‘lock and leave’ lifestyles that allow you to get away while you’re active. Yet friends and family are still high on the agenda, meaning Western Wanderers always feel a yearning to be tied to a place they can call ‘home’ and nurture relationships through socialising, business, sport and community volunteering.

The<Br>Metro Mingler

Metro Mingler

Your work is done – time to relocate to where the action is and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Metro Minglers thrive when surrounded by likeminded people with an open view of the world. You’ve reached a stage of your life where you want to cash in your chips on indulgent pleasures like art, food and entertainment. That makes vibrant inner suburbs close to friends and family appealing. Metro Minglers are followers at heart, and love taking part in things that are perceived to be ‘in vogue’, from fashion to technology.

the<br>clock worker

clock worker

Break routine? Not on your watch! Clock workers are risk adverse, family orientated conservatives who enjoy the simple things in life. You love knowing what the day has in store, from regular sporting outings to planned shopping purchases and park visits with the beloved dog. Unlike Western Wanderers, your idea of travel is rarely decided on a whim, rather a calculated event organised regularly at a familiar destination. Your steadfast loyalty and reliable nature sees you find satisfaction in community commitments like volunteering and helping at the local church.