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At Ocean Gardens, we
know where you're coming from.

When it comes to moving on in life, it’s important to surround yourself with people that understand you. At Ocean Gardens, we really care about the individuals who choose to live with us.

We know half of our residents come from the western suburbs, metro suburbs and beyond - even interstate or overseas. More than that, we understand where you’ve come from emotionally and how you want to experience your next life stage.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where our residents come from:

  • 50% come from within 10kms of Ocean Gardens
  • 74% come from within 15kms of Ocean Gardens
  • 84% of Perth metropolitan residents come from the western and northern suburbs.
As you can see, many of us have lived or grew up in the area. Which makes sense really - with friendship and family networks already in place, the transition to Ocean Gardens can be quite natural. Yet the lure of our independent living community reaches far and wide. Some of our residents relocate from metro suburbs, while a small portion are prepared to move more than fifty kilometres to be part of our community, from Mandurah to Mundaring, even interstate or overseas.
That people are willing to give up the familiarity of home to gain a more independent lifestyle in new surroundings just goes to show how much there is to gain by making the most of life’s next stage. Oh, and the other great thing? Because we know where you’re coming from, both geographically and emotionally, we know our prices make this unique coastal lifestyle well within reach.
With such a diverse community, value and choice is incredibly important to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of properties for sale, from $345,000 apartments to $1.15 million luxury two bedroom apartments with ocean views.
We’d love to meet you and your family to see if we click so contact us today to find out more.
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