Making the Move

The thought of beach walks may be attractive in theory – but actually committing to making the move to Ocean Gardens is no walk on the beach.

Right now, you’re likely experiencing a flurry of emotions.

Maybe you’re excited about change.
Maybe you're scared of it.
Maybe you don’t want to let go of the life you have.
Maybe you feel like you’re giving up on life.
Maybe you feel it’s not ‘you’.
Maybe you hate the idea of being thought of as ‘older’.
Maybe you feel like you have so much more to give.
Maybe you’re scared of fading into the background.

We’re here to reassure you that these feelings are perfectly normal – it’s all part of the process. One day you’ll wake up and realise you’re ready. It might not be today, or tomorrow, or even two years from now. But you’ll know it when you feel it. And when you finally make the move, you won’t look back.

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The decision making process

Studies back up the emotional investment that goes into the decision to make the move to village life. However, we know that the vast majority (89%) take less than three years considering it. What’s more, more than half of residents (51%) spent less than a year. And when you consider that many of our residents wish they had made the move sooner, it’s clear that arming yourself with the right knowledge is key.


Can I afford it?

You many think the City Beach lifestyle is out of reach, but at Ocean Gardens, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of accommodation options, from $299,000 apartments to $1.175 million luxury two bedroom apartments with ocean views. It’s just another reason why our community is so diverse, welcoming and refreshing.


The benefits of making the move

Our residents are living proof of all there is to gain through village life - but the statistics back it up too. Recent research points to a significant positive impact as a result of moving into a village residence.

66% - improved feeling of confidence and security
45% - improved social life
46% - maintained social life
36% - improved mental wellbeing
24% - improved physical health*

*The McCrindle Baynes Village Census Report 2013-2014.

Perhaps the most exciting take here is that a huge 91% of residents experience the same or higher level of social life after their move. With other studies showing social interaction is the leading influencer behind living longer, happier lives, the benefits of village life are truly exciting, particularly in a world where traditional community interaction is on the decline.